Inktober Day 24 – Dizzy

There is nothing dizzier and sillier then leaning backwards to kiss a stone on the Blarney Castle, yet, people do it. It is one of the number one tourist things to do in Ireland. For 7 years, people would always ask me if I had kissed the Blarney Stone. No, in fact, I avoided to for all those years because it was too touristy. I assumed it was some silly and large rock to kiss, at a cheesy touristy castle. Truthfully, I thought it was all a big scam. George Hogan finally talked me into going, I guess if you come all the way from Japan, then I can go see the castle. Well, the marketing team who came up with the idea deserve heaps of money, but the castle itself is spectacular.

This is the third castle on this spot, the original one being built in 10th century out of wood. This one is all stone, all the way, built in 1446. The castle is in wonderful shape and takes a good bit of time to walk through it all. There are caves underneath, dining rooms, privies, and plenty of stairs to go around. The gardens outside are gorgeous too.

So, you probably wonder if I kissed the ole stone, well, I did not use tongue that is for sure. But leaning back over this huge space at the top of the castle battlements is a bit dizzying for sure. IF you are afraid of heights this one is not for you, but it is a trip. Just make sure to clean your mouth after, because millions of people have kissed this tarty girl before. Please remember that you are doing this to get the gift of gab, but, what girl or guy would want to kiss you after this anyway?


Blarney Castle

Kiss the Stone



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