Inktober Day 25 – Tasty

When I think of tasty, I think Leighlinbridge. Whaaaatt, are you crazy. A village of 2000 people, give or take, that’s less than my high school. What could be tasty about that? Well, how about six pubs? Not good enough, well, we have a hotel too, with great food. Still not rocking your boat, well, we have two butchers, two chippers, two gas stations, and one pharmacy. We even have the super bowl. Plus, lots of history. It’s idyllic.

Not too bad knowing where your meat comes from. Yep up gather grazing on the hills. Plus, the water used to go down to Guinness and come back as magical beer. MMMM.

Now all we need is a good produce shop.

So, there you go.

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