Inktober 2019 – My Ireland

This is the accumulation of all Inktober 2019, 31 pen and ink illustrations, from 17 counties in Ireland, all under the combined theme of My Ireland. There is a total of 32 counties in Ireland, with 6 being in Northern Ireland and 28 in the Republic. Jake Parker came up with the concept of Inktober to spur his creativity and practice his skills. He created a prompt list and did an ink drawing every day. I used the prompts from Jake Parkers Inktober 2019 list as inspiration, sticking as close as I could to the spirit of them. All the locations had to be places I had been to, using photos I had taken myself. That was it. To make things more manageable, I decided to do a combined piece and stick to one strong theme.

If you look closely I added a few more spots not related to the prompts. There is the dry stacked walls of Inishmaan, a thatched roof cottage from Kerry, a bee hive hut from Skellig Michael, Mount Lannister, and Benbulben Table Mountain in Sligo.

I used a .005 micron pen for 90 percent of the challenge, till it died on me. Then I switched to a .05 Staedtler Pigment Liner Pen. The paper was a sheet of A3 card stock medium grit.

Thanks to all who followed me on this journey, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I also hope you learned a little more about the fascinating and long history of Ireland through it. I am learning more every day, and this barely scratched the surface.

There are links to all the individual pieces underneath, as well as what county they were in. I tried to provide links to most of the sites so that you could get a more in-depth history of each location.

For anyone interested in buying any of my pieces or setting up a commission you can contact me through my website. I have a solo art show called An Illustrated Journey Through Ireland hanging at the Gold Standard Cafe in Philadelphia. All the available pieces are on my website.

To check out more of my art and portfolio go to

Go raibh maith agat!


Inktober Prompt List by Jake Parker

Inktober Day 1 – Ring

Cahergal Fort, County Kerry

Inktober Day 2 – Mindless

County Carlow

Inktober Day 3 – BAIT

County Carlow

Inktober Day 4 – Freeze

County Carlow

Inktober Day 5 – Build

County Kilkenny

Inktober Day 6 – Husky

County Tipperary

Inktober Day 7 – Enchanted

County Wexford

Inktober Day 8 – Frail

County Carlow

Inktober Day 9 – Swing

County Kilkenny

Inktober DAY 10 – Pattern

County kildare

Inktober Day 11 – Snow

County Wicklow

Inktober Day 12 – Dragon

County Dublin

Inktober Day 13 – Ash

County Carlow

Inktober – Half Way There

Inktober Day 14 – Overgrown

County Carlow

Inktober Day 15 – Legend

County Antrim

Inktober Day 16 – Wild

County Clare

Inktober Day 17 – Ornament

County Wexford

Inktober Day 18 – Misfit

County Sligo

Inktober Day 19 – Sling

County Antrim

Inktober Day 20 – Tread

County Carlow

Inktober Day 21 – Treasure

County Wicklow

Inktober Day 22 – Ghost

County Wexford

Inktober Day 23 – Ancient

County Meath

Inktober Day 24 – Dizzy

County Cork

Inktober Day 25 – Tasty

County Carlow

Inktober Day 26 – Dark

County Carlow

Inktober Day 27- Coat

County Limerick

Inktober Day 28 – Ride

County Carlow

Inktober Day 29 – Injury

County Westmeath

Inktober Day 30 – Catch

County Wexford

Inktober Day 31 – Ripe, Happy Halloween!

County Tipperary

14 responses to “Inktober 2019 – My Ireland

    • Well they are all pretty cool places to visit, even the playgrounds. 🙂 Ireland is so filled with amazing places, I can’t wait to discover more. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking it out.

  1. So I checked you out because you followed our blog. Man your inktober is so awesome. I hope you frame it nicely and hang it up!

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