Inktober Day 31 – Ripe, Happy Halloween!

For my final installment of 2019’s Inktober, I am doing ripe. Because as you have seen by the dates some of these buildings have been made, Ireland is at a RIPE old age now. Most everything here has a beautiful history. I have only been giving you brief thumbnails of it all barely scratching the surface.

The round tower at the Rock Of Cashel is from 1100 AD.  The rest for the building came up around it about 100 years after.

Just want to thank everyone for going on this trip around Ireland through my Inktober illustrations. The country has so much unique and exciting things about it, that I really have not even dipped my toes in. So please, go explore more, there is so much to see. I hope you enjoyed all my artwork and random stories.

This weekend I will finalize the composite and you folks will be the first to see it. Have a great Halloween!

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