Bon Appétit

The road has so many unexpected surprises, but the one that has caught on most to pop culture of late is the food. You have everything from Anthony Bourdain to Top Chef traveling about, talking about food, and showing you the good and bad. And to be honest, I love it. No better way to get a peek into a culture than through their food. So the following photographs are my food favorites and hates. Things that were so good, unique, and tasty that I had to share them. Others so nasty and vile that I had to experience them for my self.

So please enjoy my food fetishes.


20121225-181438.jpgSeafood grill. The fresh fish tastes so much better then I have ever had before. This is grilled prawn stuffed with cheese.
Gili Air, Indonesia

20121225-180921.jpgMixed seafood and meat kebab. Not bad for four dollars.
Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

20121225-180659.jpgDragon fruit on the beach. Cool looking, but not really that tasty, kinda bland.
Gili Trawangan, Indonesia


20121225-173527.jpgFresh caught fish grilled to perfection on Virgin Beach.
Bali, Indonesia

20121225-172718.jpgSweet and Sour chicken on a pineapple, Thai Restaurant.
Jakarta, Indonesia

20121225-171847.jpgOk, this is not food, but Coffee. This guy made us numerous coffees and nonalcoholic cocktails all for free.
Jakarta, Indonesia

20121225-171041.jpgThis was our lunch that we had as we were island hopping. The fish were caught that morning then grilled on the island. They cut the pineapple into cool shapes. This was such a delicious meal made in the middle of nowhere.
El Nido, Philippines


20121225-170233.jpg Street food. The green vegetable dish was the most disgusting thing I have had so far. Really bitter and fishy. We were not sure if it was sea cucumber or what. The mug was filled with chicken broth. I had chicken giblets which were actually really good.
Legazpi, Philippines

This was a Filipino fast food place that we ate at. The owners woke up a three am to cook, then the food would be in covered pots all day and they would reheat it when you ordered. No worries about food going bad here.
Anda, Philippines

Food being sold on street.
Bohol, Philipines

Seafood sizzling hot plate.
Legazpi, Philippines.

This video doesn’t exist

George Hogan showing us the art of making a seafood potato pancake. Tokyo, Japan

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