Inktober Day 23 – Ancient

Well, things are really looking up now, because this one is easy! This country is filled with Neolithic forts, burial grounds, and Stone Age passage tomb. Well, we think it is a temple any way. New Grange is a mound on top of a hill, with and underground chamber in it. During the winter solstice, a shaft of light from the sun aligns perfectly with the entrance of the tomb. The light beam goes directly into the chamber, illuminating it. Even though this is 5000 years old, it still works like a charm. So much so, that a bunch of hippies every year show up and want to dance naked around it in pagan ceremonies. Well, who am I to stop them?

Celebrating the Winter Solstice!

The construction of the mound and the carvings are really impressive. Let’s not forget this is older than the pyramids!

This is a great half day trip

New Grange

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