Inktober Day 5 – Build

This drawing is of one of my favorite buildings in Kilkenny, right at the historic John Street bridge, in the shadow of Kilkenny Castle. The reason I thought of this building for build is because after the horrible fire which gutted the building, crews are now restoring the building.

I saw this a few days after it happened, and one thing that annoyed me was that the council did not allow roofers on the property right away to tarp off the roof for insurance reasons, which allowed rain to get in (who would have guessed that it would rain in Ireland). This was terrible because it meant all the plaster work, and everything was ruined. The place has been completely gutted. But fair play to Kilkenny for putting the money in to restore the historic property.

It looks like it was a case of arson as they arrested two people. There is a link below.

Dr Mitchell House

Kilkenny Fire

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