Inktober Day 4 – Freeze

Well this was a tough one again. Mainly because I had an image in my head of one of the very common images around here, of an old stone house with no roof on it. Truly, there are so many of them. I thought for sure I would have photos that would work out great for it, but no. I searched and searched. I decided to drive up the ridge, figuring I would see some. Well, no again. So, I looked in my front yard, and of course, there was one. 
Now this is no ordinary peasants house, no, this house is the birthplace of John Tyndall. Scientist, politician, and mountaineer. World famous, he figures out why the world is blue.

But wait Mike, what the heck does this have to do with freeze. I could say that John Tyndall was a mountaineer, and that’s why. But actually, has nothing to with that. What I imagined was something much more sinister. During the potato famine, to get rid of tenants, a landlord would rip the roof off the peasant’s houses, no matter what season it was. Quiet often, they would actually freeze to death. So that is what this picture represents. Approximately 1 million Irish people died during this famine.

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3 responses to “Inktober Day 4 – Freeze

  1. This is my favourite drawing so far, and great job keeping up with the daily posts! You caught at some of your story in this one, I think, because it had my attention before you explained about John Tyndal.

    And just today I realized you’re back!! And you haven’t exactly disappeared but I have been missing you for a long time and here you are. It’s good to hear from you, Michael.

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