My New Website!

So the time has come, after 20 years, to create a new web site showcasing some of my best art and stories. For those of you who do not know me, I have been a professional illustrator for the last few decades. I had a website when websites were new, but now it was time for an update.

It was a bit of a battle, digging out the original source material for some of my books, but I managed to pull most of it together. So for the first time you will have a chance to see the original One Eyed Jacks books, Rocky Adventures, and the One Way Ticket comics series. For the first time ever all collected together. Plus, never seen before, the Abra-Kadaver web comic. I will do a blog on each section of the website to help explain it.

The website will be updated with new illustrations and sketches from the road too. So sign up for the newsletter to get updates on the latest news and work. One lucky subscriber will get an original piece of art from Ireland. The drawing will be in May.

Feel free to share with your friends and thanks for your continued support.

5 responses to “My New Website!

  1. I am delighted about your new proposed website. Will you blog again giving a link or are you planning to delete the blogging site? I’m asking because I have a blogging site with WordPress but websites as well. Cheers.

    • I am keeping the blog which is more of a travel log/sketch book and using website as a portfolio and artist work site. They work independently but also have numerous links between them. So it’s easy to pop back and forth.
      Thanks for checking it out!

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