MichaelBencik.com, Illustration Page

BencikIllustrationPagePart of the fun of designing a new website about your art is actually digging deep through all your files, finding the art work that not only represents what you do, but also what you want to do in the future. You don’t want to get stuck illustrating plumbing parts, even if you did make a lot of money doing that. It’s just not the work I am looking for anymore. Then there is the work you forgot that you ever even did. I have done so many different illustrations over the last two decades that I have no memories of some of them.

So here is a small sampling of different illustration work I have done.

The website will be updated with new illustrations and sketches from the road too. So sign up for the newsletter to get updates on the latest news and work. One lucky subscriber will get an original piece of art from Ireland. The drawing will be in May.

Feel free to share with your friends and thanks for your continued support.




4 responses to “MichaelBencik.com, Illustration Page

  1. You are very talented. This is great and I hope giving your work past, present and future a proper cohesive in one place show place will be beneficial to you and to others. The ones that are colouring pages are they intended to be for a book for folks to colour or are they examples of pages you are offering to clients or firms?. Thank you.

  2. Again, I didn’t realize I had missed some of the links. I’ll come back and check it out more fully. What a great website you have configured to showcase your work. It would take hours to peruse fully. I will come back. Now I understand the simple click to open each section up. Wow!

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