Inktober Day 6 – Husky

Well, I know most people probably are thinking of a cute dog for Husky, but I went a different route. I wanted to find one of the most sturdy, solid, and husky buildings out there. My answer to this dilemma was Cahir Castle. Built in 1142 by Connor Obrien, it was given to the Butlers in the 1300s. This castle still has its original fortifications.

We were driving to Cork, when we got a flat tire. We were near a small town that I had never heard of before named Cahir. Well, if you are going to get a flat tire, this is the place to do it. Lovely little cafe, professional and fast garage, and did I mention a castle.

Not only was there a great castle, but they were filming a Hollywood blockbuster the day we were there with Dev Patel. There were knights, villagers, horses, chickens, ducks, and everything else you would expect in a mid-evil castle. We were not allowed in the castle because of the movie, but we wandered the grounds, through the fake snow. They also filmed Excalibur there.

It was really impressive, sitting above the river. Massive towers and wall, this place would be a great place to be in a siege, and it was. It was attacked numerous times throughout the last 900 years. For more on the amazing history click on this link below.

Cahir Castle

Green Knight

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