Inktober Day 29 – Injury

Well, it seems that no injury is worse than a man’s pride. In fact, men will go to great lengths when it comes to this very silly, stupid, and useless emotion, Pride. In Ireland there were brothers who were very rich, so had no need for such issues. But money brings on more issues then one could know, which is why I have no problem not being coming from old mad money.

So, there were these brothers, who were rich. Robert Rochefort, First Earl of Belvedere, yes, with a snooty twang added on to further the point, did not like the house his brother built within sight of his. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Robert did not like that, and he decided to build a wall, to look like the ruins of an abbey, between his house and his brothers. It’s not called the jealousy wall. This man was so jealous, pathetic, and clearly was making up for something he did not have, that he accused his wife of having an affair with his brother. Though never proven, she was locked up in a house and never really heard from for 30 years. The brother fled at first, then came back, and was sued for adultery, and lost. So, he was imprisoned and died. One hell of a loving family.

So here you have the Jealousy Wall.

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