Inktober Day 28 – Ride

You see this pile of stones, with the giant cap stone riding on top of the smaller stones? Well this is a Neolithic tomb, with a cap stone. Now, imagine 5000 years ago, our great great ancestors, figuring out a way to get this giant, 150-ton stone on top of these other seriously heavy stones. They did not invent the wheel yet, nor the crane, nor a forklift. So how, using their very normal human strength, get that on top? Well, that is a question the experts can’t answer with certainty, and I am surely no expert.

The Brownshill Dolmen is from 3000 to 4000 BC in Carlow, Ireland. Another amazing spot on this lovely island. There is so much history here, all around, that you can literally go back in history 5000 years.

So, lets leave it to your imagination.

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