20,000 Hits Plus the Thirty Day Sketch Challenge

20000 Stats

Wow, its pretty cool to think that my snippets from the road; stories, comics, sketches, and photos have been looked at over 20,000 times. It’s a really rewarding feeling. I think though the most exciting part of reaching this goal is the number of hits from all over the world. Everyday people from countries as far away as Nepal have stopped and read some of my travel blogs. Now, I can’t say they all hit it for the right reason, but they are still connected to me through the wonderful invisible strands that cross the world called the internet.

Everyday WordPress sends me the stats for the day, and under the heading Countries I see how many people check out my site from different places in the world. It’s so exciting and motivating to see that a guy from Russia is checking out my sketches, a college student from Mauritius loved learning about Komodo Dragons, a school teacher from the Netherlands is using my Durian Comic to teach about the tasty fruit, and even that my friends I made in Vietnam are still following my adventures. People are even viewing my blog from countries I have never heard of; like Bhutan, Bahrain, and yes, Mauritius. This inspires me to not only learn about their countries, but to get on the road and see more. I click on the Country button, and it automatically brings up a map of the Country and its flag. Then I just google it and I learn about a new place and thousands of reasons to visit it. I have now had people view my blog from over 125 countries.

125 Countries

Lets just think about that for a second. There are 196 recognized countries in the world according to World Atlas, but there are 249 country codes, representing some unrecognized countries and even Antartica. Going with the largest count of 249, I have had people connect with me from over half the world. That is just beyond words inspiring and humbling.

MichaelBencik.org CountriesMichaelBencikCountries2015

Most Popular Post

My most popular blogs is Virgins, Magic Mushrooms, and the Gili’s, and I am pretty sure it is for all the wrong reasons. Apparently any search terms for drugs and prostitution around the Gilis end up on my blog, which has nothing to do with those things. There is no reference to  prostitution in it, and the only Virgin I saw there was Virgin Beach. Which for me is the most gorgeous and hidden beach in all Bali. As far as drugs go, I mention that there are posters to get Magic Mushrooms all over. I did not try any myself, regretfuly. Just the mere mention of drugs and sex brings people in. Of the thousands of people who stopped in looking for such nephareous activities, many have stayed on to learn and enjoy about the crazy paradise that is the Gili Islands. But they certainly did not end up there looking to hear about the conservations of Sea Turtles and banana pancakes, but maybe they walked away happy that they did, and hungry for more.


The Comics

I got into blogging to push myself as an artist, work on my graphic novel One Way Ticket, and share my adventures with the world. What I have found it that I really enjoy telling stories, meeting with like minded adventurers, and sharing my art. I have found working on the Graphic Novel much harder than I thought it would be, mainly because I have not finished the written part of the adventure. Now that I am finally wrapping that up, I am beginning to get excited about how I can visually translate this trip into the comic. What adventures would help both illustrate and inspire people to travel? How do you connect such an amazing experience together with out boring people with details and drowning yourself in pages? Well, I am excited to continue forward with these challenges, and hopefully, in the end, have a book that will inspire people to get off their couches and see the world, like Tintin did in the fifties. Here is a link to the pages I have so far. One Way Ticket – South East Asia


British Columbia, near Kamloops. The view from my bed, snow on the porch, mountains in the distance. Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Thirty Day Sketch Challenge

Last but not least, on to the Sketch Challenge. Everyday in February I am going to do a sketch a day. The parameters I have set for myself are fifteen minutes minimum, with any medium I feel like. I will post some of the art work half way through the month and then at the end of the month I will post all thirty drawings. The reason for working on this is sharpen my drawing skills, take some time to observe life, and bring Philadelphia to life through my pencil.
Everyone is welcome to join me at any time. I will be happy to post your artwork and include links to your pages also.

Let’s Draw!

25 responses to “20,000 Hits Plus the Thirty Day Sketch Challenge

  1. Good luck with completing your graphic novel. That’s pretty exciting and I look forward to being able to find a copy of it for myself. 🙂

    I love your attitude all the way through the post, and that probably explains your strong following. You are a genuine, humble, positive person, and who wouldn’t stay for that…even if they originally showed up looking for prostitution and drugs? ha ha

    • Yeah they don,t often tell me thats what they are there for but their search terms give them away. Lol. Thanks for checking it out, ill keep you up to date on Graphic Novel progress.

    • Thanks so much. Its funny what motivates people. I have thought about putting a disclaimer on it saying sorry, no real drugs or prostitutes. But then, I figured, maybe they need to read some more, and spend less time doing nefarious things. lol.

  2. If I knew the first thing about sketching, I would totally join you. However, since I’ve never put pencil to sketchpad in my life, I will just pop in and view yours!

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    • Wow, thats a great idea. And thanks so much for thinking about me. I am excited to go through the list and meet more interesting people and learn new things. I am doing pretty bad this course, been busy with a million heating emergencies, but its exciting to tune in when I get a chance, and read the lessons.

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