Inkotober Days 5 through 8

Daddy and Skylar’s Inktober Challenge or as we call it Daily Doodle!

Ravens and crows are always fun to draw. Plenty of inspirations out here too.

Ok, who does not like googly eyed monsters or even the floating bloodshot eye!

Now this is fun topic to draw with a five year old. Well you see, its like a maze, with lots of dead bodies. Just skeletons everywhere, but its ok, because they wanted to be buried there. She wanted to see pictures.

Day 8 – Extraterrestrial

Extraterrestrial, wow that is a big word! Well, I thought aliens would be a lot more fun to draw then Watch. There is a little alien looking behind the artwork too!

2 responses to “Inkotober Days 5 through 8

  1. I adore that little face peeking around the drawing pads. Skylar’s raven has a nice creepy mood to it. Well done. And good job for having a go at catacombs – I wouldn’t know where to begin and I’d want to see pictures too! Both of the aliens are great and I especially like the startled astronaut.

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