Inktober Day 13 – Ash

You can’t have ash without fire, and Duckett’s Grove had two major fires in one week back in the 1930’s. There are rumors aplenty on how the fires were set, and why. The first fire broke out in night, but the neighbors were quick to get the fire out before it caused major damage. The second fire, about a week later, broke out, and the fire could not be put out. It pretty much gutted the entire gorgeous building, leaving a granite shell, but only Ash inside.

Some thought it was part of a horrible trend of rebels setting the large manor houses ablaze, because they were considered homes of the English landlords. The movement destroyed many stately homes, but you really can’t blame them for how horrible the English treated them. Still, a great loss for the country. So, it’s possible that this was how the fire got started. The second theory, which seems to be much more likely, was an insurance job. These houses are insanely expensive to keep up, and more and more, landlords were losing tons of money because of the changing environment. Either way, 90 years later the shell is still standing tall.

The house was initially built in 1710 but it did not become the castellated masterpiece that is was till 1830. There’s a lot of funny stories going back through history with the Duckett’s, as I supposed there is for any super rich family. The last rich Duckett left only one shilling to her daughter, which is truly a big F you in any language.

Today was also the Day with the Duckett’s, which celebrated the good times in the olden days. There are people spinning yarn, falconry, turning wood, black smiths, and horse drawn carriage rides. It all to let people experience life back in the day, as well as educate them on the history of the house. This is a fabulous experience and I recommend it for anyone interested in these mansions.

Obviously, I am completely enamored with this place, I even got married here. We were the first couple in 200 years to do so. Not too shabby, and we are not even Duckett’s!

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