365 Sketch Challenge!

Cambried Birthday

Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Getting near the end of March now, and I have hit 52 days straight of sketching. Its fun, but you know, some days you just don’t feel like whipping out that sketchpad. But like anything that takes discipline, you are always glad you did when you are done. March has been exciting because every time we think Winter is over, it smacks us in the face. Two major snow storms a week apart made for some beautiful hiking and lovely sketches. The flower show is always an inspiration for spring, and this year was the best in a decade. The above drawing is of my niece Cambrie. It was her sixth birthday and she loved Chinese New Year, so I figured I would give her a little magic.

So if you like what you see, please click follow, and feel free to share. Even more importantly, if you want to join in on the challenge, pick up your pencil and join in. I will be happy to post other peoples art work on this page too.

310 days to go! I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

March 3, 2015, #31


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Satellite Cafe. Two folks talking grocery store business.

March 4, 2015, #32

At court for the hearing against the ex-tenant who assaulted me. I was quite pleased, guilty on both accounts.

At court for the hearing against the ex-tenant who assaulted me. I was quite pleased, guilty on both accounts. Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

The guy who assaulted me.

The guy who assaulted me. Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Every so often, you have to do things you really don’t want to do in life. Going to court against a tenant who assaulted you is not high on my list. Lucky for me the man pleaded guilty, which he was, and I did not have to testify again.

March 5, 2015, #33


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

My buddy Kuma chilling out watching the Walking Dead.

March 6, 2015, #34


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

March Snow Storm, awesomeness! It was so much fun. We went to Wissahickon Parks’ Forbidden Drive to hike and look at the snow. It was warming up so quickly, that giant clumps of snow were falling from the trees all the time. It was really very magical.

Friends Of Wissahickon Park

March 7, 2015, #35


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Random woman.

March 8, 2015, #36


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

The Philadelphia Flower Show this year was the best in a decade, with the theme of going to the movies. Everything about it was great, from the main displays to miniatures. You walked in under a large marquee made out of flowers, reminiscent of the time when Philly had great movie palaces. Ironically, it was only weeks later that Philly began tearing down its last movie palace. Here is the text on the web site for it this exhibit made by Stoney Bank Nurseries.

Leaving the peace and tranquility that abide within the diverse plants, architectural rocks, and calm waters of her home garden, “Mulan” secretly breaks tradition to take her ailing father’s place in the Emperor’s army. Blooming magnolias, iris, and lotus add splashes of color to artistically pruned and sculpted trees and shrubs. Penjing, the Chinese Bonsai, supplement the landscape, evoking the atmosphere associated with high mountains, dappled glades, and isolated trees on rocky cliffs. For Mulan, the preservation of this home and garden welcomes her back to a life of balance and order.

Friends of the Boyd

Stoney Bank Nurseries

March 9, 2015, #37


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Waiting at TD Bank. This bank always has a line. They never hire more cashiers, and wonder why the customers get so pissed off.

March 10, 2015, #38


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

This man was working in a cafe in Ardmore, PA.

Melodies Cafe

March 11, 2015, #39


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Lion Cubs at the Philadelphia Zoo

These were really quick sketches. Was insanely crowded with just too many parents calling them tigers to their kids. I understand kids being wrong, but Mom and Dad, read the damn signs. Tigers have stripes, not that hard to figure out.

Philadelphia Zoo

March 12, 2015, #40


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Woman waiting to for her appointment.

March 13, 2015, #41


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Riding the trolly.

March 14, 2015, #42


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Random Woman.

March 15, 2015, #43


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Celebrating St. Paddys day with the Philopatrian Literary Institute. Founded in 1850, its the oldest private club in the nation. Stotesbury Mansion was commissioned by Thomas McKean, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Stotesbury Mansion

March 16, 2015, #44


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Hands, mine to be precise.

March 17, 2015, #45


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Bartender at a local bar. Try and guess which one?

March 18, 2015, #46


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Good old Satellite Cafe in West Philadelphia. You hear the weirdest things here. The girls behind Yvonne were talking about all kinds of crazy sex stories.

March 19, 2015, #47


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

The one thing you always have with you is your hands, well left hand. Maybe one day I will show you a drawing with my left hand of my right. It will not be pretty, or functional for that matter.

March 20, 2015, #48


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Chilling out in city clerks office.

March 21, 2015, #49


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Random girl.

March 22, 2015, #50


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Went to Peddlers Village for a change of pace. Wow was it boring. So then we headed to New Hope, so much nicer. Stopped in this cafe to get Chicken Wings, which were ok, but boy did they kill me later on that night. Who puts chunks of raw garlic in their wing sauce?

March 23, 2015, #51

Stopped at Gojo and drew these two girls through my friend. I hated the first one, so I tried a second. Still not mad about it, but a little better.

March 24, 2015, #52


Copyright Michael Bencik 2015

Just a random girl at trolley stop.

13 responses to “365 Sketch Challenge!

    • Thanks so much for checking it out. Its funny how people react when they realize they are in a sketch. Some love it, some find it an invasion of their privacy. It never really bothered me when some one was drawing me though.
      Its all fun anyway. I try not to let them know I am doing it.

  1. I like how it’s a journal saying what you have been doing over the days. I feel like its a schedule book almost. Pretty near, and really impressive drawings. It still amazes me you can draw so well. You take the drawing cake over anybody I know….

    • Thanks Janessa! Congrats on the baby! So exciting. How is motherhood treating you. You still getting up on ladders and doing electrical with a baby in a sling?
      Must be gorgeous in BC now.

      • Motherhood is good. I would have the baby in a sling if she would let me. Not much you can do when they decide no! Elaine had another cute one too eh!
        It’s been the most amazing winter. So mild and did so many chores could get finished. It’s been “spring” for a long time now. Basically Elaine took the snow away from kamloops when she left! Crazy concidering your having a wild one down there. I wear my Philly shirt often. It fits so good and I love the colour. Thanks again.

  2. These are great, I love the people sketching but the scene of the trail in the snow was my favourite. I wish I could have seen the flower show, that sounded like a real sight to see. Incorrect information is one of my big bugbears too, I used to cringe everytime I heard people calling chimpanzees and gorillas monkeys at the zoo.

    • Yeah, that day was just magical in the snow. You can always tell when I spend ten minutes compared to an hour or two. I don’t remember how long I sat there, but it shows. I was having a hard time catching the action of the snow plopping down too. Still, so happy I headed out that day.
      I love zoos, but they are really very frustrating with people not reading any of the information up. I used to try and correct people, but got too many nasty looks, so I gave up. Now I just go and ignore everyone.

      Thanks for checking out my site.

  3. Looks like you and your sketchbook had quite an eventful March.

    These sketches are all great. I particularly love the flower show one. It looks like it was beautiful.

    • I have begun to think that by doing the sketchbook, my months are getting more eventful. Instead of rewetting the Walking Dead, I head out to the art museum, or other fun events, like the Flower Show. Which was expensive, but totally worth it.
      Trying to figure out what I will do next this week now.

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