The Demise of the Boyd Demolition Commission

Historic Commision Final high

Copyright Michael Bencik 2014

Every so often you work on projects that fire you up so much, that you can’t stop yourself from finishing them. This was one of them. After going to many meetings at the Historic Commission regarding the Boyd theater, I could no longer contain my frustration at Philadelphia’s Historic Commission and the Nutter Administration. So much of our cultural heritage was being bulldozed at sickening rates and in the end we the people are loosing out. After some scribbled cartoons at the meeting, I came home and began work on this illustration. It was originally going to be part of an Op-Ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer, but it never got published there. Riding on top of the bulldozer are all the members of the Historic Commission with Mayor Nutter driving.

I am thrilled that Plan Philly picked up the article and published it. Please click on the link below and check out the article. It is my first published article. The Philadelphia Demolition Commission

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