Inktober Day 17 – Ornament

Perhaps a fancy ornamental building possibly, or maybe a nice Celtic carving, something that screams ornamentation. Yeah, that would be nice. But what popped in my head was a Christmas tree for some strange reason, and the star on top. Shining bright for all the world to see, bringing joy and light to your home. Now what shines brightly and brings people home safely? Well a lighthouse of course!

Hook Head lighthouse is in County Wexford, on a beautiful peninsula hook peninsula. This is the second oldest running light house in the world. It looks pretty plain on the outside, but the inside is actually medieval, with massively thick stone walls. Originally the monks had a giant bonfire going to keep people going, but now there is a fancy automated lamp. This is worth the tour, really fascinating and beautiful views.

The peninsula is beautiful too, with lots of hidden coves, sandy beaches, and one of the most haunted mansions in all Ireland, but that is for another story.

Hook Lighthouse

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7 responses to “Inktober Day 17 – Ornament

  1. It’s been a while since we last visited Hook Lighthouse! We used to go there quite often while living in Dublin, now as residents of Sligo we travel to Fanad Head Lighthouse – yet another beautiful place to explore and photograph

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