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BencikOneWayTicketPageOne of the coolest things about traveling for nine months through Asia was has the ability to draw and illustrate a web comic as I went. It allowed me to show people the cultural, interesting, and downright weird things that we came across that words just could not describe. In addition, with so much history and beautiful and unique culture around, I was able to show this also.

This site brings together my love of travel, adventure, storytelling, and comics. As I crossed Asia I took detailed notes, sketched from the road, and now I am going back over the notes and working on the graphic representation of my trip. I used the iPad as I went: writing, storyboarding, and drawing my comics, putting them all together in a neat little package. The apps I used were Sketch Club, Strip Design, and DocsToGO.

The comics are in a chronological order, so you can experience the journey in the order we did. I will be adding more pages to this as I create them. Enjoy! This is the beta version of the page as I work on creating a better reader for my comic pages.

Feel free to share.

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