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BencikSequentialPageSequential Art or Comic Art, which is it, and why does it matter. In the end, it really doesn’t. The term Sequential Art was generated to give more weight to comics from Will Eisner, to make them seem like they were not just the funny pages. But what ever word you use, the medium has really come into its own. You have comic books, underground comixs, graphic novels, manga, web comics and interactive comics.

With the web now you can really do just about anything with the medium, from day to day life stories to the blockbuster super heroes like Thor and Batman. You are no longer locked into the size of the page, but can have borderless comics, where you can twirl around the page, up, down, left, right, and even forward and backward. Like I said, really exciting stuff.

I have worked on everything from the good ole fashioned ink and paper comics to the web comics. I traveled through 11 countries in Asia, illustrating web comics about my experiences and all the crazy things that I came across.

So here is a small sampling of different sequential work I have done.

The website will be updated with new illustrations and sketches from the road too. So sign up for the newsletter to get updates on the latest news and work. One lucky subscriber will get an original piece of art from Ireland. The subscription is at the bottom of the Welcome Page at MichaelBencik.com.  The drawing will be in May.

I will be showcasing the different parts of my website every Friday for the next nine weeks. Feel free to share with your friends and thanks for your continued support.

Sequential Art

3 responses to “MichaelBencik.com, Sequential Art

  1. this is interesting and exciting stuff. I am looking forward to sharing with our youngest son. (he’s 41).
    All his life he has had comic illustrations and little additions jotted or added to documents etc. His frustration has always been …’why do I want to do it”. Maybe your journey and your life will show him what is possible. Congratulations!

  2. I had a look at your website. Your comic stories are great! I remember seeing the sketches you made at various times while you were travelling. Now I see those situations filled out in stories. Keep up the fabulous work!!!

    • Thanks so much. Its all such a process, and after doing art over the years for so many different clients and such, it is nice to concentrate on work for your self, and self promotion. (something I have never been too good at.) Thanks for sticking with me, its been a while.
      Having a child has slowed it down for sure.

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