Budapest’s Cafés

Budapest is famous for its café scene, and Hungarians had a love affair with coffee far longer than most other European countries. The Turks brought it over in the 1600s when they called it black soup. Why not go to the most glamorous, blinged out spot in all Budapest, the grand New York Café. It was only 4 blocks from our hotel, and was it ever out of this world.
I can only describe it as being inside a crystal chandelier, because never could I imagine anything else so crazy. Every inch of the place had gorgeous murals, gold leaf reliefs, ornate crown molding, mirrored pillars, luxurious chandeliers, and statues. I mean, really, Donald Trump would rip all this out and throw it in one of his apartments to make it glamorous. But unlike Trump, its not gaudy and trashy, like his gold plated toilets. No, some how, it manages to pull it all off and still be luxurious. Now, it’s true this is my country, but this is a little high class for a Bencik for sure.
The service was great here, and there was no problem with wandering around and admiring all the details. Like so many exciting places in the world now, it’s filled with tourists, and the every present cell phones selfies. Even with that though, the high ceilings make them all disappear in the fancy moldings. You can sit back, sip whatever drinks of your choice, and imagine this place 80 years ago, with writers debating, artist drinking, and revolutions being started. I love all the old world places that can take you back. I highly recommend stopping by here to check it out. Come for breakfast and beat the tourists. The New York Café opened in 1894.
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Now there were a few more cafes that we decided to check out. The one across from the Opera house, Művész, was filled with woodwork, tall ceilings, chandeliers, and very tall mirrors. It had lovely little cakes, and small round tables. I would recommend this place because it is not over the top and very relaxing. Staff was really nice. Művész mean artists, so the perfect place for me.
Yvonne’s favorite place was the Cinema Café, near our hotel. Just a small little café in a art house movie theater. Again, it’s the staff that makes it. And they were wonderful, and it was filled with atmosphere.
One spot I would not go out of my way to visit was the Ruszwurm on Castle Hill. This café is so small, not all that impressive looking, and the staff were borderline rude. I know that were packed, and tourist were their business, but they should have a handle on these things by now. Nope, it might be the oldest, but not worth my time or money.
I suppose the funniest part of my love of Budapest’s café’s is that I don’t even like coffee. In fact, I hate the stuff. But here in Budapest, a beer is just as easy to get as a coffee, and the architecture is wonderful in them.  Plus Yvonne loves coffee!


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