365 Sketch Challenge, Must Keep Sketching

Moving along, still working my pencil as often as I can. Who would think it would be so easy to fall of the wagon. One day your forget, next thing you know, a week is gone. The first time I was in a car accident, I was 16. A girl broad sided me in my 1986 escort, forcing the car to rock on two wheels and smashing my head in the window. I was most depressed about losing air-conditioning and my tape deck. But my dad said when you fall off a bike, you get the hell back on. So I borrowed their car that night and went to my figure drawing class at the college. Just like that, I picked up the pencil and started drawing again.

I would love to see some other peoples sketches, so feel free to send them to me and I will post them at the end and add a link to your site. Keep on drawing and exploring.

Well  256 days to go! I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

April 29, 2015, #87


Flying home from Ireland, I started this sketch of the guy sitting next to me. I went back into it because he was so odd, I just had to explore it. He was punched out with rings, tattoos, and piercings. But he was playing a dress up barbie game that my 5 year old niece might play. So odd, I had to sketch him up.

April 30, 2015, #88


Pregnant lady waiting for her doctor visit, and probably going through all the annoying side effects of bringing a child into the world.

May 1, 2015, #90

Sketch50115 Sketch50115B

The Zoo, yeah! I love the Philadelphia Zoo. These are sunbears, endangered from Asia. Too many people, why too many today. So I could not get into the mood with so many folks looking by.

May 2, 2015, #91


Big sharpie, a few beers, and this is what you get on the trolley. No shame in my game.

May 3, 2015, #92


So I am experimenting with drawing on the iPhone, because you don’t always have a sketch pad near by, but we ALWAYS have our Phone near by. Sad, I know, but true. Its not great, but it works..

May 4, 2015, #93


Yep, Booboo, sleeping while I watch TV.

May 5 through May 12, 2015

One day I forgot to do a drawing, next thing you know its more than a week. Just like that, I fell off the wagon. Let me tell you, it was not easy getting back on either.

May 13, 2015, #94


Booboo sleeping.

May 14, 2015, #95


Oh yeah, Booboo again.

May 15, 2015, #96


More cellphone practice, a guy chilling waiting for trolley.

May 16, 2015, #97


More cell phone art, which is not great, but fun to experiment with. Some people ask why put crappy art up, but if it is part of learning new teqniques, then I don’t mind. You never are on every day.

May 17, 2015, #98


Guy with cool hair.

May 18, 2015, #99


Girl chatting at cafe.

May 19, 2015, #100


Airport bar, I am going to Michigan. This guys hair is sleeked all Vanilla Ice like. I love airport bars, because you get all types together.

May 20, 2015, #101


My dad crashing.

May 21, 2015, #102


My sisters new dog, Gustof, a bit aggressive towards men, Was a rescue. But he grew to love me, sleeping in my bed, and only growling when I rolled over.

May 22, 2015, #103


I got my nieces bed, and this was her wall of toys that greeted me in the morning.

May 23, 2015, #104


A great day at my family cabin. A square cinder block hunting cabin that has 40 years plus of Bencik history in it. For me its paradise, Bencik Paradise actually. Then we went to the state park and my niece and nephew were playing in the water with their water guns.

May 25, 2015, #105


Niece and nephew in the cabin. I need to work on my kid proportions so much more, so feel free to critique, but I am aware there are problems with this drawings.

May 26, 2015, #106


Interesting people at the airport, heading home from Michigan. Greatest thing about flying into Atlantic City airport, it just makes sense to go to the beach.

May 28, 2015, #107


She really is cute, and easy to draw while I watch Game of Thrones.

May 29, 2015, #108


Sometimes I sneak drawings in of my wife, as she sleeps while I rewatch Game of Thrones.

May 30, 2015, #109


A nice day seems like a good idea to grab a beer at Dahlak..

May 30, 2015, #109


Fairmont Park is straight up amazing. The largest inner city park in America, it goes on forever. I have not even scratched the surface. Unlike Central Park in New York, it zigzagges through the city. This is a pond that has a million water lilies ready to burst thought and bloom. Sl gorgeous.

16 responses to “365 Sketch Challenge, Must Keep Sketching

  1. Practice, practice & more practice. Not only your sketches are good but I enjoy your comments. I am delighted to know that you are a Philadelphian (like me, born & raised in our great city). I have asked this question before: are you planning any tours(?) to lead a group?
    I would be interested – I like the way you travel: off the beaten path.

    • Generally the way I travel is by not having any solid plans. Our Asia trip literally was us looking at the map, and waving our hand in a round motion following the islands. So no tours yet, just exploring new places. But we are about to start the ultimate adventure in Philly, which from what I understand is going to be a lot of work.
      I was born in Michigan, but have been in Philly for 19 years now. What part of the city do you live in now?

    • Hi Laura, I like to find spots where people don’t notice I am drawing them. The end of a bar that curves is great, or a corner in a cafe. People tend to repeat actions in these places, so it gives you time to draw them. They might move but eventually like a bored lion at the zoo, they repeat the actions. I was drawing a girl at he end of the bar and she went out for a smoke. It took a long time but she eventually came back.

  2. It’s great to see some more of your sketches! I actually quite liked some of the iPhone ones too. I found your experiments with iPhone sketching quite interesting because I’ve tried it a couple times with very limited success.

    • If you check out my comics, all of them were done on the ipad while i was traveling. I hated it at first but as i got used to it I loved it. Now i hate manga studio but i am hoping to get better on it.

  3. Dear Michael, I’m a writer but admire tremendously those who can sketch. I am inspiring everyone to restore one thing in this day. Your new post has inspired me to try one new thing this day as well. Hope Its a great one for you.

  4. Great series of sketches, I particularly love the one of Fairmont Park, I would have never guessed that was in a city!

    What you said about falling off the wagon in a sketching challenge is so true. I set out to do a year but burnt myself out at 6 months (I was doing a rather exhausting painting challenge at the same time). I couldn’t pick up a pen for such a long time and felt a complete failure, but I’m slowly coming back around now.

    • Thanks so much for following. Yeah, I am just doing quick sketches, my only rule is five minutes, but it is difficult with real life. And to add a painting challenge too, no wonder you got burnt out.
      But it is worth trying again. I am going strong now, and very happy with the results. I did a sketch of my brothers new baby, not even a day old, and they loved it. If I was not carrying my sketch book with me, I never would have thought to do that.
      So hears a toast to staying on the wagon, lol.

  5. I love your Dads advice to you, he is a very wise man
    “But my dad said when you fall off a bike, you get the hell back on”
    I like your sketches too. Janice

    • Thanks Janice, one thing my dad is full of is weird wisdom. He loves to quote Franklin all the time, especially when he is visiting. “Fish and visitors stink after three days.”
      Thanks for checking it out. I am really happy with my next set of sketches, which features my youngest model so far, my new nephew at twenty hours!

    • It actually makes me do more things different than I normally would. Like tonight on the way home from Target, we stopped at a park to do a sketch of a frog pond.

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