Sketches From Under The Sea – 79 Feet Under

Normally I would put this under my Sketches from the road section, but I thought it was just too much fun to save it. This morning at five am in Malapascua, I went to see the thresher sharks 24 meters/77 feet under the surface of the ocean. This is the only place in the world where you are guaranteed to see the every day. Thresher Sharks are unique because their tail juts out behind their body like a pendant. This morning there were two sharks at two different cleaning stations. Cleaning Stations are spots where large fish will stop to have their gills cleaned out by smaller fish. They calmly sit there swimming slowly as the fish remove parasites from their gills and mouths.

This was my second dive here so I decided to change things up and bring a water board to write notes on. Instead of writing notes though I wanted to sketch the sharks from life. Minus the fact that I was being pulled with the current, and there were ten foot sharks swimming ten feet from me, I gave it my best to sketch these magnificent animals. The first side is a combination of the same shark. I really rushed it to be honest because I was worried of not getting photos and video also. I gave my guide Jo the camera to try to get some shots of me drawing with the shark behind but it did not work out. So here are shots of all three separated.

The shark wandered off to do what sharks do, so we headed to another cleaning spot, and there was a big one there. So i decided to give it another go, no longer worried about getting good pics. This was quick again but a much better representation of the thresher.

Malaspascua is an amazing island off the northern tip of Cebu. The island is small but amazing for its beaches, diving, and local hospitality. Special thanks tho Evolution Diving who helped set up the dive and showed me some of the great dive spots.Evolution

So enjoy this incredibly unique experience.

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4 responses to “Sketches From Under The Sea – 79 Feet Under

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  2. Oh this is awesome, this is what I want to do! I’ve been looking at the velum scrolling wrist tablet, though, which is a tad expensive, but in order to do many drawings, without carrying hard tablets? Definitely seems the way I will go. You sketches came out nice a clear though!

    • I borrowed the tablet from one of the dive masters, than after he gave it to me. I don’t know of anyone else doing drawings under the water, though I am sure some do it. It it a lot of fun, of course keeping your buoyancy can be difficult while you draw.

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