For anyone interested in learning more about Mt. Mayon which erupted on May 7, 2013 killing five climbers here are my experiences on the Volcano in September 2012.

UPDATE May 7, 2013
We are back in the Philippines on Malapascua Island, where we met a guy on the beach who said he just received a text that the Mt. Mayon had erupted again, killing four tourists. There was nothing on it at CNN, but later in the day the news broke that four German tourists died, and their Philippino guide, hit by rocks that erupted out of the top. They were part of a large group that was climbing the volcano. Why they were on the Volcano in the first place I have no idea, the government had been evacuating the farmers living on the volcano for some weeks. This volcano is under constant scrutiny by the volcanologist living at the station, and has sensors all over it. I can’t know for sure, but this seems to me that profit was put over safety. If you have to…

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