Language Barrier


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  1. I love the unrolling motion you make with your hands at first. It’s such a natural motion, but it doesn’t communicate without already knowing what you’re doing.

      • (in fact and Stannum as well), and yet I am contributing to this so caelld movement . Quite a funny sight really To be honest, I myself have no problem with it, but if that’s what they (fellow bloggers) wanted to do, it’s better to help them kick start the whole thing, so they can strife for what they want, rather then just let the whole thing fall apart right? I’m not saying that this movement MUST suceed, but I think doing something is better than doing nothing, suceed or not.HKers always wanted to strife for things such as freedom and democracy, but now when they get to do it themselves, the reaction seems somehow muted (not implying you of course) and choose the watered down action. I’m not implying that things should just shoot right up to the sky either, but if something must be done, then it should be done.I must tell you that I study in the UK, I basically drink salted water , so I have no problems with implementing such actions, as I had hand written a letter of complaint to the head master of my boarding school (secondary), complaining about the rigidness of my school’s boarding system, and the result? Gradual change, which was expected by me anyway.On the other hand, I believe that I myself don’t lack any individualism either, judging from my life so far, however helping others is another matter, and there’s no clash of principles there really I am lending my hand for service, although they fight for isnot what I would ultimately want to fight for though. As Clark Gable had once said, Frankly mam, I don’t give a damn. and it haven’t changed a bit.I’m not asking for a salary, but no one had every said that you either work for money or work for an idealistic goal right? My goal will be to help these bloggers kick start what they want to get , because as we all know, HKers are just too much talking, and no action. Now let’s see some action!I also have no intention to join in the give blog a definition debate either (however, I do believe that blogs in HK should mean something a little different form the Western societies, because of the inherently different cultures), because blogs in HK are still at such an infant stage, it will be irrational to think of things just yet sounds to me like sending a 2 year old kid to Harvard to study astrophysics. Does that sound reasonable at all? We can’t do all the things at once. Merely thinking about it gives me the conclusion that it’s absurd.Having said that, it’s exactly the reason why, for the moment, I want to adopt a definition that’s the broadest; otherwise, as I’ve said many times, it will confine the future growth of blogs in HK. Seems like no one is listening but a few however

  2. No I don’t mind, because I am an otaku. :)Oh did you see that colasy? It was my first one and I am planning to do other character soon. When it comes to pass, I think I will post it.Thank you!

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