Yes or No Vote in Ireland


Very exciting news, the 8th was repealed today in a landslide victory for the YES vote.  66.4% voted for it. Results


This is very exciting times to be living in Ireland. There is a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment, making abortion legal in Ireland. Most of all Europe now has it legal to have an abortion. This is Ireland’s Roe vs Wade moment. There’s no way to miss what s going on here, with YES and NO signs plastered all over the countryside.

Like they are really everywhere. I went through Dublin and they were plastered to the motorway, people had banners on the over passes, billboard trucks parked at corners, and placards on every pole.

In Enniscorthy there were 100s of people in red for pro life, and on the other side the pro Choice crowd were in Yellow. I thought there was going to be a Gangs of New York type battle and Skylar was napping so we got the hell out of there.

Though I don’t get a vote here, it’s a very easy decision for me, YES all the way. I have always been staunchly pro choice. I feel it’s absurd that someone else can decide what a woman can do with her own body.

Having my own child I even feel more strongly about it. A child is a massive amount of work, so if someone doesn’t want to have a kid, hell, they should not have it. All they will do is end of screwing that kid up too. Sure there’s lots of cases where people grow up quick, and are thrilled they didn’t. But that is their choice. For everyone who condemns people for getting an abortion I think they should get off their bum and adopt a child themselves.

Ironically people are just flying to different countries to do it. You see, it’s already legal to fly out if the country and have an abortion. So if someone still wanted to have an abortion, they would just leave the country.

A lot of the billboards straight out lie, trying to make people fearful. It’s 12 weeks, 3 months, not 6 months. It’s not Abortion on Demand, it’s for so many reasons. Victims of rape and incest, woman who could not survive a birth, and many more reasons.

Ultimately for me though it comes down to one thing, no one should tell a woman what they can do about their own body. It’s their decision, and that’s it.

So I am hoping that this passes. We got some American groups flying over to stir up the population, but my Irish friends say that just pisses them off. They don’t need foreigners acting like missionaries here.

2 responses to “Yes or No Vote in Ireland

  1. Before VOTING yes, I HOPE Ireland takes notice of what has happened in other nations. Parents denied knowledge of daughter’s health needs etc etc. Girls should be taught they do have lots of choices First is learn to say NO! Then the medical profession should be given doctor’s Rights to determine when a pregnancy is dangerous for either child or mother. (avoid all the may hem and sorrow of other nations. Also the same-sex marriage fuelled by ideology debate has swept across the world. So many later…..’.I just did not bother to vote’ Any wonder society is going down the plug hole. Sad to be a senior and watching our world not improve but ‘fall to pieces’. .

    • On that matter Faye I disagree with. Not on options, this vote is about giving girls options and choice. The choice to do what ever they want with their body,

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