Ten Days Left – A Sketch A Day – Thirty Day Challenge

So here we are, a little more than two thirds of the way through the challenge, and things are going great. I started this in Cambodia, and now I am moving through Laos. I never realized how much I would enjoy this. It has given me more than a window into different cultures, but has actually opened doors into them. I have been offered moonshine on public buses with an appetizer of frogs on sticks, seen the beauty of sunsets over farms, and got to hang out in a cave after hours with over two hundred Buddhas.

These sketches have not been edited, cleaned up or scanned in. They are straight from my sketchbook, in their rawest form. I have a few people joining in on the challenge, but I would love to see some more art from other artists. So if you draw on the side, doodle through every meeting, then join us on the last ten days.

March 10, 2013

A bus transition point between the border of Cambodia and Laos

March 11, 2013

A beach on the Mekong River.
Don Det Island, Laos

March 12, 2013

A series of waterfalls on the Mekong River.
Don Det Island, Laos

March 13, 2013

A water buffalo chilling out on the beach on the Mekong River.
Don Det Island, Laos

March 14, 2013

20130321-210757.jpgA lovely morning on the mighty Mekong River. They often beach their boats during dry season to make repairs.
Don Det Island, Laos

March 15, 2013

The worst bus ride ever, twelve hours when it was only supposed to be seven. The ride was bouncy and just a bit crazy, no air-con, overcrowded.
Thakhek, Laos

March 16, 2013

20130321-213554.jpgA typical night market on the square, serving up everything from whole chicken on a stick to whole frog on a stick.
Thakhek, Laos

March 17, 2013

20130321-213807.jpgIn honor of St. Paddy’s Day.
Thakhek, Laos

March 18, 2013

20130321-213936.jpgA cave filled with Buddas discovered in 2004. This drawing was my quickest because we were there at 5:07, and it closed ant 5. They let me draw for about seven minutes. Great place, cool story.
Thakhek, Laos

March 19, 2013

20130321-214430.jpg A karst near Konglor Cave above a river.
Konglor, Laos

20130321-214633.jpgTobacco and lettuce fields.
Konglor, Laos

March 20, 2013

20130321-214837.jpgPicking lettuce in the fields at dawn.
Konglor, Laos

March 21, 2013

20130321-215005.jpgMen playing Petang, a Laos version of Bocce Ball.
Thakhek, Laos

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