One Way Ticket: South East Asia


Well here I am, getting ready for my first true world adventure. I have been talking about this for over a decade now, and most people are tired of hearing about it. Truthfully, most people think I was full of it. Who would just pick up their life, and leave for a year to just travel through out South East Asia. I have a business that is running, a mortgage to pay, friends and family that I am leaving, so why on earth would I leave.

And the simple answer to that is: Why Not?

I think of it this way, do I want to be someone who dreams of something and never follows through, regretting it for the rest of my life, or do I want to challenge myself and follow my dreams, no matter how illogical it is. Do I want to be a deer living his life happy and free, till the hunter shoots him? Or the cow, sitting in his own feces’s, never knowing what the grass taste like on the other side of the fence, force fed all kinds of crap to fatten him up, just to end up on the plate like the deer? I will take the deer any day.

The other part of this trip, is that my entire life I wanted to be an artist, and for a large part of it, I was a successful artist. But other parts of my life started to take priority, my housing business started to take off, taking up more and more of my time. Then my semi-corporate (lol) work also started to eat in to what little time I had left for art. And hell, I am not in my 20’s any more, where I could work all day, then put Star Wars on the tube, and draw all night. Just can’t do it, I fall asleep at the drawing table. I have over a 100 pages of finished art for my graphic novel, The 9 Lives Of One Eyed Jack, half-way through a great pirate story with some of my best pages, but after dealing with 40 tenants, 6 houses, 2 dogs, and a cat, the energy there for creative and fun projects just is not there.

So here I am, typing my first blog entry. Excited for the prospect of all that is to come. I have a flight to Manila scheduled, two days in a hotel to get my feet on the ground, and then nothing else. The world is a blank canvas, and I cant wait to start painting it!

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